Will 5G drive the next generation of gaming?

According to a recently updated Global Trends benchmark on 5G, mobile operators around the world are increasing their efforts about testing new features and types of services enabled by the growing availability of 5G networks and user devices.

Several operators, especially in Asia and in the US, have been at the forefront not only in deploying 5G networks commercially, but also in looking ahead at the ways 5G can be used and monetised.

The global digital gaming industry generated revenues of nearly US$160bn in 2020.

Mobile gamers might be among the user clusters most likely to be interested in upgrading their mobile subscriptions from 4G to 5G for a better gaming experience.

5G gaming is triggering new opportunities also for device manufacturers. Hardware manufacturers have been launching smartphones and other user devices specifically targeting gamers. New generations of wearables are also gaining traction on the 5G gaming scene.

Source: cullen international

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