New Radar report: Mobile roaming in a post-Covid world

New Radar series

GSMA Intelligence and Mobile World Live partnered to bring a new Radar series to the industry, focusing on the impact of new technologies in the mobile and wider TMT sectors. The series includes a full in-depth report and live events, to offer our partners the opportunity to position themselves as thought-leaders.

Our September edition will focus on the changing business models and marketplace for mobile roaming.
Roaming revenues were down 10-20% in 2020 as global travel volumes declined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but indicators suggest a gradual recovery in 2021. This, coupled with underlying technology shifts such as 2G/3G network sunsets and the growth of eSIM, explains why setting up global connectivity agreements is a priority for many businesses now more than ever.

With this context, our Radar report will explore several key questions: 

  • What does a staggered relaxation of international travel rules in 2021/2022 mean for the roaming outlook in different regions?
  • How can operators best set up and manage roaming agreements given the sunsetting of 2G and 3G networks with the parallel rise in LTE and 5G in the customer base?
  • If the model is moving towards a consolidated scale play (so-called ‘hubbing’), does this imply a 5G first mover advantage?
  • What are the trade-offs involved in eSIM use and how can telco operators make best use of it for roaming services?
  • How can roaming models manage IoT connection footprints across multiple countries?

Sponsorship opportunities

In partnership with our sponsor, GSMA Intelligence and Mobile World Live will produce and promote an in-depth report and a series of live events.  An exclusive opportunity for a sponsor to benefit from the combined strength of the GSMA’s media and research arms to reach global senior audiences:

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