How Telcos and the Internet of Things (IoT) Can Bring Value for Utilities: Webinar Summary

On 7th October, another cross-sector themed webinar took place, combining the subject of IoT solutions for utilities with the telecommunications industry. The webinar was conducted by Maciej Kaźmierczak, IoT and Services Pre-sales Consultant at Comarch.

Rapid growth of the Internet of Things

The dynamic development of the Internet of Things in global markets and many innovative and traditional industries continues as we speak. The possibilities and the number of devices configured with the Internet of Things are constantly growing. This makes the IoT become even more attractive to different industries and end-customers, interested in innovative technologies that can make their work and life simpler. Telecommunication operators notice this trend and seek their place in the innovative world of the IoT.

IoT for utilities – a new revenue stream for telcos

Telecom operators are constantly looking for opportunities to expand their offer and create new revenue streams for current and new customers. Utilities companies appear to be solid common ground for the Internet of things and telecoms. They can easily be provided with measurable value via innovative IoT solutions such as smart metering, the importance of which is growing rapidly.

The value of IoT solutions for utilities, based on the example of smart metering

Smart metering and cooperating with telecoms allows utilities to have easier access to information, and provides them with better ways to manage data. With the assistance of the Internet of things, utilities companies can drive their efficiency and lower many operational costs connected to managing resources and counteracting leaks, breakdowns and other anomalies. An IoT-based solution can help them build more intelligent and cost-optimized organizations. This also prepares them to be a part of future smart cities.

But what is the role of telecoms in this process?

If you’d like to learn more about how telecommunication operators utilize IoT in order to deliver value to the utilities industry, we invite you to join our free on-demand webinar, where our specialist Maciej Kaźmierczak will talk about the solution and its’ benefits for the telecommunication service providers.

During his speech, our IoT and Services Pre-sales Consultant will cover such areas as:

• How smart metering works
• The benefits of smart metering, and the value it brings to the company
• Concrete, successful use cases
• How Comarch Smart Metering can reduce maintenance costs and cut expenses by retrofitting and providing data for optimization
• How telco operators can use distributed smart metering IoT gateways to measure signal penetration and network status


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